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          新聞中心 > MSC通知:AMS/ENS航線更正箱號收取罰金的通知

           Dear Customers,
          In views of improving AMS/ENS declaration quality and efficiency, this is to notify that MSC Shanghai will impose a penalty at USD250/unit for containers which are submit with wrong container numbers and requested to correct after S/I cut time for sailings with pro-forma ETD on or after May 1, 2014.
          MSC Shanghai will send penalty notice to booking agents within 3 working days after vessel departure. Our state agency LINDO will issue invoice accordingly at later stage.
          Penalty will NOT be imposed in below cases:
          ? Correction requested before S/I Cut; please follow standard correction procedure as guided in AMS/ENS FAQ;
          ? Non-onboard shipments; However, penalty still to be imposed if client request COV (i.e. re-declare to Customs by using the same booking number) or Short-ship to next sailings;
          ? 提單截止時間之前更改不收取罰金;請按照AMS/ENS常見問題與解答中的流程發送更正即可;
          ? 未上船貨柜不收取罰金;但如申請COV(即仍使用原關單號改配)或漏裝至之后航次的,仍將收取罰金;
          Booking agents and all clients are reminded to pay high attention to quality of AMS/ENS declaration and ensure timely submission of S/I or Container/Seal list.
          Using this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your kind attention and cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we could be of any assistance.