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          Recycle Products


          Fastic international Inc. is a trusted partner in scrap plastic and metal business located in US San Francisco bay area. Currently we prodvicle total logistic solution for scrap plastics and metals to Asia . We specialize in E-waste plastic, metal. We have deep knowledge and understanding of our customers, their needs, and their markets. It's our commitment to provide courteous and reliable service to our customers and our suppliers, making the world greener.


          With  strong support from group , we  equipped with warehouse and distribution center in major  port city in China , such as Shanghai , Ningbo , Tianjin and Shenzhen etc to better serve our upstream and downstream partner, Through its customer-oriented business approach, state-of-the-art of technology and human-based management and expertise , has experienced an outstanding support on Forwarding, Warehouse and Depot Services. Fastic Group has developed to an all-round company to participate full range of activities in supply chain service.  We could provide one stop service for the product and add extra value to your supply chain


          Copper Wire









          Manganese Steel






          Shreded Steel



          Tool Steel


          Computer   Plastic

          Drip tape 
          stretch film
          Mixed Plastics